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Super Junior * Stamping Community
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Welcome! This is the Super Junior Rating Community! Here, you can submit an survey/application, and based on your answers, others can rate you on which Super Junior member you’re most like!

{ Basic Rules }

Join the community!
• Please, do try to get along. If there’s a problem, please contact one of the mods: vanillacat (main mod), kehleejay or moreobscurity.
• If you have a question or concern, visit the FAQ.
• Invite all your friends to come and join and vote! The more, the merrier! Just don’t spam communities, that would be bad.

{ Voting }

• To ensure that our members are active, you have to vote for 4 applications and please link them to your application before posting. Your application will be deleted if you don't comply with this.
• After you’ve applied, please, PLEASE, go vote on other people’s applications! There was a problem with the first two versions of this community not having enough votes. You do NOT have to wait to be stamped to vote! Keep voting AFTER you’re stamped, too!
• Please bold the band member you think the applicant is like. It makes counting easy for the mods.

{ Application Rules }

AFTER READING THE RULES, Just copy and paste the form below into a new entry, and be honest! Please, don’t try to be like whatever member you want to be stamped as, that takes all the fun out of it.
• It would be appreciated if you wrote coherently. Meaning, please, no l337 sp33k, and it’d be really great if you didn’t use chat speak, too. Applications are much easier to read when you don’t type omg liek dis!!!/!!11!1!!!. :]
• To make sure that you have read the rules, please add the title of your favorite Super Junior/T/K.R.Y/M/H song in the title of your entry! Please, don’t forget. We have every right to deny you votes or a stamp if you fail to notice this.

You will be stamped after 10 votes. Even if a person has 10 votes, you can still vote on their application! However, if you’ve got 6+ votes all for the same person, you can ask to be stamped, just to speed things up. :D For example, if you have 6 votes for Ryeowook and only 1 vote for Hankyung, you can be stamped, because even if you got 3 more votes for Hankyung, the 6 Ryeowook votes would still overrule it. Okay? :]
• Once you have enough votes, reply to THE STAMPING POST, with a link to your application and how many votes you’ve got. :D The mods will stamp your application after you’ve posted there.

{ Application! }

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{ Affiliates }


minty_peach for the layout & dissuade, laharwine, dancingpoptart & kehleejay for the stamps. :]