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Please link to 4 applications that you've voted for:
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Name/Nickname: Roisin (like row-sheen xD)
Age: 16

Likes: Books, music, food, sleeping in late, piercings, shopping, math
Dislikes:: Waking up early, being around people in general, dogs, feet, exercise, being told what to do, deadlines, cleaning
Hobbies: Video games, reading, sleeping, cooking, watching dramas
Strong points: Good memory, independent, kind of artistic, good self control, kind of smart I suppose, open minded, risk taker
Weak points: A little introverted, distant, sometimes cold at first, hard to express myself, hold grudges forever, lazy, disorganized
Future goals?: I really don't know... just get to into university and see where it goes from there?
What do you think is the best quality about yourself? Why?: I'm quite good at reading people, I can observe someone and know what they're thinking.
What do you think is the worst quality about yourself? Why?: I'm really self-centered. Generally I won't help other people unless there's something in it for me. And I talk about myself too much.

If there was one thing you would change about the world, what would it be? Why?: I'd make it so that everyone had the same amount of money, that no-one was richer or poorer than anyone else. That would solve a lot of problems I suppose.
If there was one thing you would change about yourself, what would it be?: I wish that I had more confidence, it's held me back a lot.

Let your inner fangirl out. Answer this question by gushing about your favorite member. (If you don't fangirl, say so. If it’s explicit, bold a warning beforehand.): Honestly, I don't fangirl that much. But when I do it's really embarrassing so I won't if that's okay...
On the flip side, who’s your least favorite SuJu member? Why? (Try to be a little nice; your least favorite is probably someone’s favorite.): Ugh I hate this question. Umm if I had to pick I'd probably say Shindong, just because he's one of the members that I've never really got to know properly, and I really wish I would.
What’s your favorite SuJu pairing? (if you have one): QMi <3
If you could be a SuJu member for a day, which member would you be? Why?: Kyuhyun, I would go around being a brat and getting away with it, that'd be pretty cool. And I'd just annoy Heechul all day that would be so fun. Or I would just stand in front of the mirror and touch his hair or something idk

Favorite color?: Blue or grey
Favorite movie? Why?: Sucker Punch is pretty good
Favorite saying/quote?: I don't have one... :/
If you were an animal, what animal would you be, and why?: A kitty~ <3 It would be cool just to sleep all day and not care about anything. And they're really cute. <33
If you were a dessert, what dessert would you be, and why?: Anything with strawberries in. A strawberry pie or something?

High, medium, or low energy?: Low, I'm constantly tired no matter how much I sleep.
Impulsive or cautious?: Impulsive
Mature or Immature?: Mature I think, more mature than other people my age at least. But I do have an immature streak.
Optimistic or Pessimistic?: Kinda pessimistic
Touchy feely or not?: I'm really touchy feely with people I'm comfortable with. I prefer it when people are touchy feely with me, then I know that they're okay around me. Lol but I touch people when they sleep a lot. xD
Any pets? Tell us about them!: 2 cats, a dog, a fish and a tortoise. My cats are amazing I love them to bits, they fight with eachother though... My dog annoys me, I don't like dogs, she's too loud and messy bleh. My goldfish is really old, I've had it for like 8 years I think. And my tortoise is really cool, he's surprisingly fast and eats loads, but he kinda smells. xD
Leader or follower?: Follower, it would make me nervous if I had to lead people. And being a leader would make me feel different, I wouldn't want that.
What's the craziest thing you've ever done?: I'm not crazy lol, umm maybe a few times when I super-glued my fingers together? Idk, I'm boring. :/

It's Saturday night. You have no obligations, a pocket full of cash, and time to kill. Where can you be found?: Shopping and eating.
Some random stranger hugs you from behind. How do you react?: I'd probably start shouting then hit them.
You’ve been called on to be an actor/actress in a TV drama. What kind of drama/what genre of drama would you want to do? Why?: Romance, idk it'd be fun? Either that or some sort of horror one where I get to kill people. Or does that make me sound weird?
You're onstage... when you have a wardrobe malfunction. What comes next?: Sneak off like it's part of the performance, then cry.

Would you be fine with being stamped as Henry or Zhou Mi? Yes or no?: Of course!!! <333

Pictures of yourself: ( Completely optional. :D) Uhhh can I pass on this one? D:

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