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Happiness // Marry U

Pleaseee Rate me~ :DD

Name/Nickname: Bella
Age: 16 :D

Likes: Friends♥, Family♥, SUPER JUNIOR♥!, Photoshop, Youtube, white-red-and-purple colour, coffee, tiramisu, milk, sour fruits lols!, internet, any many more.
Dislikes: Liar! People with two faces~ D:
Hobbies: Shopping, Sleeping, EATING, listening to music, Dreaming, Hang-out, Online, Photoshop, many more!
Strong points: Friendly, Good-listener, an optimist.
Weak points: Don't really share my thoughts and problems to friends D: (I hate this but cant really change it)
Future goals?: Photographer// interior design. impossible
What do you think is the best quality about yourself? Why?: Good at making jokes and facial expression as this sometimes make my family and friends really happy and laugh like crazy and I love it when they laugh.
What do you think is the worst quality about yourself? Why?: NOT CONFIDENT~ I hate thisssss! I really have no confidence in myself if I meet someone new. This make me feel like I wont be able to have new friends D:

If there was one thing you would change about the world, what would it be? Why?: I want this world to be really peace with no wars and problems :P
If there was one thing you would change about yourself, what would it be?: My HEIGHT?! xD

Let your inner fangirl out. Answer this question by gushing about your favorite member. (If you don't fangirl, say so. If it’s explicit, bold a warning beforehand.):
SHINDONG is really LOVE~ I love him when he's dancing and making jokes. ahhhh~ He's so cute! nweoihvnaslkai! I want to hug and EAT him! but,, dont eat me shindong! xD
On the flip side, who’s your least favorite SuJu member? Why? (Try to be a little nice; your least favorite is probably someone’s favorite.): I really dont know! I cant even list down my Fav in SuJu. I cant choose who's the second, fifth, ninth, tenth ( I only know the first one is SHINDONG) lols~
What’s your favorite SuJu pairing? (if you have one): SHINYE! dont know why~
If you could be a SuJu member for a day, which member would you be? Why?: OMG~ I am really confused now. Maybe Shindong? LOLS~

Favorite color?: Red, white, purple, green, gold.
Favorite movie? Why?: I love all kind of movies!
Favorite saying/quote?: Laugh while you can still do it! :D
If you were an animal, what animal would you be, and why?: DOG! I just love dogs so much~ I think Dogs are really cute, loyal, hardworking~
If you were a dessert, what dessert would you be, and why?: Tiramisu? LOLS~ I love Tiramisu so much! The best dessert that I have ever eaten.

High, medium, or low energy?: medium or low I think.
Impulsive or cautious?: Cautious
Mature or Immature?: Immature LOLS.
Optimistic or Pessimistic?: mostly optimistic
Touchy feely or not?: yes!
Any pets? Tell us about them!: DOGS! 2 dachshunds. A couple. Guess what are their name. The female one is Ferarri and Male one is Brandy~ LOLS.
Leader or follower?: Follower. I cant be a leader =x
What's the craziest thing you've ever done?: Being sailormoon with my friends in front of my whole church! and dancing like crazy for about 5minutes+? LOL~

It's Saturday night. You have no obligations, a pocket full of cash, and time to kill. Where can you be found?: RESTAURANTS (eating until my stomach bursts) and HMV (the best CD store in Singapore for me) and I'll be buying all things related to SUJU! :D
Some random stranger hugs you from behind. How do you react?: Trying to remember whether I have ever met her before or not. because i'm really forgetful =3
You’ve been called on to be an actor/actress in a TV drama. What kind of drama/what genre of drama would you want to do? Why?: COMEDY for sure~ I want to enjoy the drama also even if I am the actress :P
You're onstage... when you have a wardrobe malfunction. What comes next?: Act as if I dont know that it's happening xD

Would you be fine with being stamped as Henry or Zhou Mi? Yes or no?: It's Really fine~ :D

Pictures of yourself: ( Completely optional. :D)
Cant see?? LOLS~ A bit blurrr xD

this one is 2 weeks older than that :P

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