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Name/Nickname: Lydia/Lyds/Lyddie/Schmidia/Gracie Lou/Gracie/Gracie Lou Freebush
Age: 20

Likes: manga, anime, dramas, movies, cats, dogs, animals in general, my friends and family, asian music

Dislikes: creepy things, scary movies, being scared, bugs, snakes, seeing other people cry

Hobbies: watching dramas, anime, and movies, going on the internet, listening to music, playing with my pets, hanging out with friends

Strong points: good listener, helpful when I can be, quick learner sometimes (still learning the basic points of livejournal)

Weak points: quiet and shy, can't say no to people, cry when I'm stressed out, low self-esteem, can't make many decisions by myself and tend to depend on other people's opinions too much

Future goals?: get a degree in Biology that I have not figured out what I want to do with

What do you think is the best quality about yourself? Why?: Hmmm... don't really know. Maybe it's the fact that I may be quiet and shy with people who don't really know me, but when I'm with my friends I can be such a dork and make them laugh

What do you think is the worst quality about yourself? Why?: Probably the fact that I depend on people too much to help me decide on what I want to do

If there was one thing you would change about the world, what would it be? Why?: Discrimination against people of different races and with different lifestyle choices

If there was one thing you would change about yourself, what would it be?: My weight and my klutziness

Let your inner fangirl out. Answer this question by gushing about your favorite member. (If you don't fangirl, say so. If it’s explicit, bold a warning beforehand.): *high pitched fangirl scream* I sooooooooooooooooooooooooo lLOVE Heechul! He's just so cute! I love the fact that he isn't really the greatest dancer in the group. But, that's OK because he tries hard anyways. He can act like such a dork and do stupid things, like imitating other dancers or singers. He takes pictures of himself and other members while in the shower! How hot is that! It doesn't matter what his hairstyle is or the color, I still love him. He tells things like they are, even if it is a little cruel sometimes. I wish I could be like that.

On the flip side, who’s your least favorite SuJu member? Why? (Try to be a little nice; your least favorite is probably someone’s favorite.): I don't think that I have a least favorite. I may not think that Shindong is the cutest, but I still love him because he's funny. Maybe it might be Yesung, because I just recently got into the group a couple of months ago and haven't really seen anything that makes him stand out all that much, but I still like him.

What’s your favorite SuJu pairing? (if you have one): \HanChul, SiChul, TeukChul, EunWook

If you could be a SuJu member for a day, which member would you be? Why?: Eunhyuk, because he's so cute when he raps!

Favorite color?: Aquamarine, Blue

Favorite movie? Why?: Ooooh, too many to decide. Maybe "He Was Cool". I love that the girl is kinda dorky and talks all big, but she really can't back up what she says. I love when she gives a bunny to her boyfriend and he takes the one that she wanted. I also love the part where he admits that he likes her while he's in the hospital, it's just such a cute and funny movie.

Favorite saying/quote?: "I don't know" (I say this A LOT)

If you were an animal, what animal would you be, and why?: A cat. They get to be lazy all the time. They make a cool purring noise and their so cute.

If you were a dessert, what dessert would you be, and why?: Ben & Jerry's Vermonty Python Ice Cream (Too bad they don't make it anymore) It's coffee ice cream with a chocolate cookie crumb swirl and little cow-shaped chocolates, what more could you ask for, it's delicious!

High, medium, or low energy?: Low when I'm not with my friends and high when I'm with them

Impulsive or cautious?: Cautious

Mature or Immature?: Mature with my parents and other people, immature with my friends

Optimistic or Pessimistic?: Pessimistic

Touchy feely or not?: Only with my family, but not really, sometimes I get freaked out about it

Any pets? Tell us about them!: 2 pets, one is a black and white male cat named Oreo (how original, I got him in 5th grade) and he is 10 years old, he's pretty big for a cat and weighed about 15 pounds before he got sick this past Christmas and lost some weight, he had an infection and couldn't really walk that well, but his weight is not really due to fat because he's quite muscular, but he's getting old now and is starting to develop a little belly fat that wobbles when he runs, the other is a beagle-black lab mix male dog named Toby, he's about 7 years old and already has quite a few problems, he's blind, has strokes sometimes, and may possibly have some sort of hearing loss, he's about the size of a black lab, but has the coloring and somewhat body shape of a beagle, but add more black to his coloring and he has a white tipped tail with a white diamond on his forehead

Leader or follower?: Follower

What's the craziest thing you've ever done?: I don't think that I've ever done anything really that crazy, but I do get embarrassed quite easily, and I'm a huge klutz, so anything that involves me being a klutz I might consider crazy. Just this past fall I was kind of going fast down the stairs and I stepped off the last step funny and sprained my ankle really bad and also popped a blood vessel in the ankle, which made it look 10 times worse, but the funny thing was that I had done the exact same thing to the same ankle two years before, only that time I slipped on some ice getting out of my car. I had a lump on the side of my ankle the size of a golf ball.

It's Saturday night. You have no obligations, a pocket full of cash, and time to kill. Where can you be found?: Hmmm, a pocket full of cash? Going crazy with online shopping because I live three hours away from the closest mall, but first I'd take my friend to the excellent greek restaurant in town and then go to the movies and maybe bowling.

Some random stranger hugs you from behind. How do you react?: Turn around quickly to see who it is before pushing them away

You’ve been called on to be an actor/actress in a TV drama. What kind of drama/what genre of drama would you want to do? Why?: Romantic comedy. I would love to be the love interest of someone, even though I'm not that good looking, and be able to make some people laugh along the way.

You're onstage... when you have a wardrobe malfunction. What comes next?: Quickly run off stage before people see me with my beet red embarrassed face and crying eyes.

Pictures of yourself: ( Completely optional. :D) Ummm... dorky picture coming up. I'm the one in the blue kimono on the far left.
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